1927 - Science of Mind

Ernest Holmes had written a few books before 1927, but it was the book:

Science of Mind

which was defined his legacy .


This was not the original Science of Mind

The first Science of Mind was actually written in 1881 by John Bascom.


Science of Mind is another word for Divine Science
Science of Mind is a term that was used by various New Thought teachers as well as Christian Scientists to describe New Thought or Divine Science.
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Our symbol is a religious symbol representing people who share our beliefs..
Teaching Symbol
Like the cross of the christians, the Star of David of the Jews, the pentacle of the Wiccans & many other religious symbols has been used by millions of people around the gllobe for almost 100 years.

When we go to the U.S. National Cemetery, we see this symbol on memorial stones of soldiers.

There are stones with the cross, stones with the Star of David, and there are stones with the Science of Mind symbol


John Bascom's Science of Mind
Mary Baker Eddy's Science of Mind
Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind
Getting Instruction - There are Religious Science instructors around the world. You can get excellent instruction online, from a growing number of venerable spiritual leaders .
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The Science of Mind Symbol is first and foremost a religious symbol.
This is a symbol which is used in our National Cemeteries, worn around people's necks for over 50 years.
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